Manasquan Beach Improvement Association

MBIA History
The MBIA was chartered with a Board of Trustees that numbered fourteen, each for a three-year term, and members that numbered around fifty. Dues were $2.00 per family at the time. Later, in an effort to attract more people from newly developed areas of town to the organization, the number of Trustees was increased to twenty-five and membership today stands at just under three hundred households; annual dues for 2019 are $20.00. MBIA Trustees meet six times during the year and a meeting for the entire membership is held annually in June. Membership in the MBIA is open to any owner or lessee of property within the town of Manasquan and new members are always welcome. 
Enclosed: $20.00 payment of dues (per household) for 2019-2020 
(Payable to: Manasquan Beach Improvement Association)

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​Manasquan Beach Improvement Association, Inc.
Box 231
Manasquan, NJ 08736