Manasquan Beach Improvement Association

MBIA Trustees Attending our 2017 Annual Meeting
Minutes from the 11/11/17 Trustees Meeting 

MBIA Trustees Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2017

TRUSTEES PRESENT:  Pat Merz, Bennie O’Grady, John O’Grady, Rob Richardi, Mary Ryan, Al Sauer, Linda Sims, Helen Young and Bob Young 

Mary Ryan opened the meeting at 8:30 am.  

The minutes of the 9/9/17 meeting were approved via the internet.  

Old Business:
Thank you to volunteers for Breakfast with the Candidates. Mary thought it went very well. John did a marvelous job with the candidates. Mary thanked everyone who assisted with set-up, refreshments and clean-up.
Update on dog signs, police presence, tickets (?). The police are now patrolling the beach on weekends for the dogs. Mary said it is the same old story that you call but by the time the police arrive the offending dog owners are gone. Bennie has not seen anyone not picking up after their dog. John thinks the mutt mitts at the beach entrance have helped with keeping the beach clean.  
Meeting with MHS Art teachers – Alexis Herman, Nicole Caravella, Carolyn Treney. Mary reviewed the Monday 11/5 meeting she, Helen, Pat and Janice had with the teachers. All agreed to pursue a welcoming scene on Azek. Rob provided details of the Sherwin Williams anti-graffiti paint. Bob offered to procure a gallon from the store in Toms River so the art teachers may test it on the painted Azek.
Catherine Ware sent a note to MBIA and Letter to Editor in the Coast Star thanking for support of the landscaping efforts at the SBLSS.  
Hurricane donation. Helen suggested we make it specific to Puerto Rico. Linda suggested we send it to Save the Children Federation Inc. Al said we would specify that the donation is for Puerto Rican relief. A $300 donation was unanimously agreed upon.

Al – new bank account. Al stated the new bank account is operational. As discussed at the last meeting Al needed to obtain a Federal ID number which necessitated opening a new account. A question of bonding was also discussed at the Sept. meeting. Upon investigation Al determined that in addition to himself Mary was already bonded. She and Al are both authorized signatories. The current bank balance is $14.5K. On another subject, Al found that in the past the MBIA has had decals available to members. Mary is going to see if she can find a box of MBIA decals. These could be made available at the Annual Meeting.
Mary – membership final letter = 330 members (253 last year); 32 from last year still unregistered. Rob asked if any of the 32 have moved out of town. Mary said she would check the file she has on the tax records.
Bennie – beachwalk lighting. Bennie spoke briefly with Councilman Bossone to see if they were receptive to the idea of replacing the beach lights. He indicated the Borough would definitely consider replacing the light stands. Al went to Point Pleasant and the decorative lighting didn’t appear to interfere with the boardwalk homes. Rob also did some research that he will provide to the committee to include in the information that will be provided to the council.  
Pat – Harvest Party at SBLSS. Pat and Norm attended a party at the Life Saving Station. Pat said it was attended by approximately 70 people and there were some tables outside but no tents. The conference room was used to house the food. There were tables scattered throughout the museum room and people were able to comfortably move around and were able to eat and drink there. If we want to have a party there we likely would not need to rent a tent.
Rob – anti-graffiti paint. Rob provided the details on the Sherwin Williams paint to Bob as mentioned above.
Diana – Derelict houses. Mary to contact Diana for the information.
Bob – website. The costs essentially remain the same – Homestead charges $7.99 per month. The domain name registration ( runs $30-$40 per year. We procured a 2 year registration to save money.

New Business:
Approval for use of SBLSS for bi-monthly meetings. Helen submitted the request and it came up at Monday’s Council meeting. The SBLSS committee had concerns about letting the MBIA hold our bi-monthly meetings there. Mary explained that we would have no more than 16 trustees attend 6 meetings a year. The Council approved our request. Helen will contact Barbara Illaria for information on how to get into the building for the meetings.
Summer 2018 party at SBLSS – when?, theme - to be discussed at January meeting in more detail. However, Tom Flarity suggested to Mary a meeting to discuss how the community could use the building. If we have our Summer party there, we discussed possibly having a docent in attendance to ensure that the museum is safe.
Candy Cane Hunt donation and volunteers. We unanimously approved donating $200 to the Chamber of Commerce for the endeavor. Helen, Linda, Bennie and Bob volunteered to help distribute gifts. 
Support MBRC with garbage receptacle request. The president of the MBRC is frustrated that there is not a trash receptacle by each mutt mitt stand. In some cases a recycling can is there instead of a trash bin. He asked if we would be willing to request the Council to assist in having trash and recycling receptacles at each opening. Al suggested we extend that request to ensure all trash is picked up in a timely manner and that cans need to be secured so they do not blow over. The Trustees agreed. Also, there are signs at each beach opening with the mutt mitts which include a code to scan when the bags are gone so they could be replenished.  
MHS Surf Team recognition? We unanimously voted to contribute $100 to commemorate their championship.
2018 meeting schedule: 1/13, 3/10, 5/12, 7/14, 9/8, and 11/10.

Items from the Floor:
Mary, Helen & Bob still want to meet with Jeff Lee on 2017 issues – Potters Beach, trash receptacles on beachwalk, etc.
Bob asked if there was interest in having membership working on clean-up projects at the beach as the Presbyterian Church did around town a couple of weeks ago. The idea will be discussed during meeting with Jeff Lee.
Al met with Fran and Jack Drew on the Drawbridge. They came to try to convince Al and the MBIA to preserve the bridge. They had a nice discussion. Al thinks they have a better understanding of our position especially with respect to safety.  

The meeting was adjourned.

The next Trustee’s Meeting will be on January 13, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. AT THE SBLSS AT THE CORNER OF SECOND AND OCEAN AVENUES. 

MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Council - 10/01/12
Council Presentation October 1, 2012

- Studies show bridge falling apart and MUST be replaced; Childs independent? study; Cycle 14 draft report.
- Originally built as a wooden trestle bridge (without a draw) over 100 years ago before cars; 16 feet wide, 585 feet long.
- Draw span (20 feet wide) built over 100 years ago for spanning Pt. Pleasant Canal (before cars).
- Draw span installed in wooden trestle in 1938; originally hand operated.
- Completely rebuilt in 1950; entire bridge raised 5 feet; shortened to 279 feet; motorized; more counterweights added.
- Numerous repairs and replacements to date; only original parts are two sheaves (wheels at to
- Placed on State and Federal Historic Registers in 2008.
- Historic significance is technology (rolling counterweight design) and aesthetics being preserved by County compromise.
- Bridge is in such bad condition, none of the structure can be salvaged; all piles, supports, bridge deck will be thrown away.
- Estimated life of a new wooden bridge is 35-50 years; estimated life of the proposed bridge is 75 years.
- County traffic count July 9-15, 2007: 6,480 average daily vehicles; 5,905 average weekday vehicles; 7,726 average weekend vehicles.
- MBIA traffic count May 26, 2012 8:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.: 4,138 vehicles; 688 bicycles; 21 skateboards; 372 pedestrians; traffic stopped 4:24 hours;     open 5:36 hours; 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., traffic stopped 3:30 hours; open 2:30 hours.
- Road is almost becoming impassable in summer due to opening/closing taking so long; long lines of cars.
- Safety is most important issue for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Complete Streets.
- Current standards: two 12 foot width lanes; two 4 foot wide shoulders.
- Main access for residents living south of Brielle Road and for Brielle and Point Pleasant emergency response.
- The County has been working out a plan for the bridge since the early 1990 Asbury Park Press, 8-17-07.
- Project authorized 4-14-94 for $1,000,000.00; studies to date over $700,000.00.
- Wooden bridge would have CCA and AZCA (arsenic).
- Brielle Resolution 8-18-03 (#111-03) and Manasquan Resolution 9-8-03 (#03-70-A) call for complete replacement of bridge.
- Manasquan Resolution 5-19-08 (#69-08) to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridge ASAP; provide for pedestrians and bicycles; preserve character; 
- Issues of public safety should be treated as paramount to other considerations.
- No more delays; we must act NOW.

Please see the MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Counctil on below
Kneeling (left to right):  Bob Young, Julie Cocozza, Standing: Alex Worth, Linda Sims, Janice Gaswind, Joan Harriman, Helen Young, Bette Worth, Sue Federico, Mary Ryan, Bennee O'Grady, John O'Grady, Pat Merz, Al Sauer.  Not pictured Rob Richard & Diana Carroll.