Manasquan Beach Improvement Association

MBIA Trustees 

MBIA Trustees Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2024

TRUSTEES PRESENT:  Julie Cocozza, Janice Gaswind, Lisa Haas, Carol Kirkman, Mary Lovely, Pat Merz, Mary Ryan, Al Sauer, Jane Swiggett, Helen Young and Bob Young. Guests: Mayor Mike Mangan & Cindy Weaver.

Mary Ryan opened the meeting at 8:30 am and welcomed Cindy Weaver who may be interested in joining the trustees. Also in attendance was Mayor Mike Mangan who signed in later.

The 11/11/23 meeting minutes were approved via the internet with the addition of Helen Young’s name to the set-up crew for Breakfast with the Candidates 

Old Business:
Christmas Decorations. Thank you to Helen & Bob, Linda & Tom and Al for purchasing, hanging, and removing the wreaths along the beachfront. We received a number of positive comments. We had approved spending up to $1,500 and the total cost came in around $900. Helen asked us to consider purchasing wreaths for the new Sea Watch building which we will consider in September. There was a photo in the Coast Star. Helen thanked the entire committee that also included Mary Ryan, Carol, Lisa and Jane.
Candy Cane Hunt – Postponed due to rain; thank you to Al & Sue for handing out the gifts on the rain date (12/8). Thank you to Janice and Bennie for offers of help
Salty Whale gatherings – A number of members requested a December happy hour which was well attended and lots of fun. Al mentioned Kate, who was our Salty Whale contact, is no longer working there. We will have to get a new contact since we will continue to have the gatherings on the second Wednesday of each month going forward.
Shirt Sales for Christmas – 11 which was not overwhelming. We have 98 remaining.

November – January Hours, schedule for 2024 Happy Hours and membership Committee revamp. John will continue to handle the monthly happy hours. The committee will separate the responsibilities such as coffee and donuts at the semi-annual beach sweeps, as well as, encouraging new members. John suggested we encourage members to bring in a new member and they would have their dues waived for the year. Lisa thought a $20 incentive wasn’t going to be attractive enough. Al was afraid this would confuse members who might not pay. After discussion, it was decided we would only encourage members to bring in new ones during the annual renewal. The tax mailing up to the railroad tracks only yielded 3 new members. We obtained new members through the Welcome Letters - 3 and Happy Hours - 11. We also had 4 new members from the annual meeting and 7 from other sources. Julie and Mary Lovely agreed to take on the beach sweep refreshments on 4/13 and 10/19. Lisa said the backyard crawl (5/18) is doubling this year and there will be 5 homes in the beach area. There are different levels of recognition to raise our awareness. $100 – Sponsor recognition, $200 – Allowing you to post to this Facebook page, $300 – Backyard sign, $500 naming rights in one backyard with 18’ x 24’ sign. The $500 is sold out. Bob questioned how big our logo would be on the 6 ft. sign with a $300 membership. All money raised is donated to charity. Lisa sent a picture of the sign that was displayed last year. It was agreed our logo would be so small and it would not be worth the additional $100. The Trustees voted unanimously to participate as a $200 sponsor.
Helen & Linda – Christmas decorations along beachfront. Helen said there was a small committee that opted to work with the Borough and Sea Lavendar Club on decorations. Two wreaths were placed at the Inlet Gazebo, Riddle Gazebo and the beach office. There was one at the Ocean Ave. restrooms. Al was great climbing ladders. They were purchased at a Tinton Falls company that you can only access via a designer.  
Carol – Christmas decorations in town. Carol is our liaison to the Beautification Committee and coordinated our committee’s work on the wreaths. Al commented on the beautiful tree in Curtis Park that was illuminated for the holidays.  
Al – Financials: shirts, Christmas decorations expense, etc. Shirt revenue was $2780 and our cost was $1220. Al praised the Tinton Falls company where we purchased the wreaths. Al does not see a reason to raise the dues. Bob suggested we encourage members to purchase shirts if we are able to have members walk in the Fourth of July parade. 
Volunteer Day - Bob indicated a request has been submitted to the Borough to hold our annual event on Saturday, May 18. Given the conflict with the Backyard Crawl,
Bob will contact Barbara and Nancy at Borough Hall to change the date to 5/4. (The mayor noted Council approval is not needed since this is an annual event. Department heads should be made aware.) Al is working with Carmen to identify potential tasks related to DPW. Bob bumped into Brian Holly and mentioned we could provide resources if needed to assist the beautification efforts. He also touched base with Ethan Kotar on beach related projects. He will send the request for volunteers to Mary for distribution to all of our members. Al spoke to Carmen who indicated he might want to have us paint curbs. Bob added that he has identified about 20 street markers that need to be repainted.  
Mary – Membership numbers – 221 vs. 226 last year, new members - 59, returning members from prior years – 31 and new members never in our database - 38.  

New Business:
Borough Council Reorganization – Mike Mangan – Mayor, Greg Olivera - Council President, Jay Bryant & Sheila Vidreiro elected to Council
    oCommittee Appointments (Chair is the first name listed)
    oAdministration: Bryant. Bresnahan, Holly
    oShared Services & Grants: Bresnahan, Triggiano, Olivera
    oLand Use: Triggiano, Vidreiro, Bryant
    oPublic Safety: Olivera, Holly, Triggiano
    oPublic Property: Holly, Olivera, Vidreiro
    oCommunity Services: Vidreiro, Bryant, Bresnahan

MPD Chief Nick Tuminelli resigned and Greg Restiva is the new Chief
Donation to SBLSS Preservation Committee for their help with continued cooperation with the summer party. Linda and Helen suggested we make a $250 donation. Motion carried unanimously  
Donation to First Aid for use of building for Breakfast with the Candidates. We decided to table this donation until we can discuss with John O’Grady the status of the volunteer first aid organization.
Beach Bands – Northern Lights. Mary’s brother who has a band wants to perform on the beach at a Thursday night concert. Mary has suggested this to Al’s daughter, Lynn, who oversees the concerts for Tourism.  
Meeting Dates: March 9 (Zoom), May 11, July 13, September 14, November 9 (Borough Hall). Helen has received approval from Borough Hall to use that facility on the above dates.  

Items from the Floor:
Helen – From the Citizens Advisory Committee. Helen raised the flooding issue. Chris Tucker was looking to come up with an easy, cost-effective means of addressing the flooding. They are hoping the Sea Watch building will be open on 7/4. They will be reducing in person staffing at 2 of the parking lots. Mary Lovely mentioned the attendant at the 4th Ave lot adds nothing to the experience.
Mike Mangan – Formal relationship with the Borough, no Beach Committee per se:
Beach responsibilities are now split between different committees. The financial aspect of the beach will go through the Finance Committee. Beach Operations will be under the Shared Services Committee and maintenance through DPW. Functionally there is little change. Doug is still in charge of the beach. Amy handles finance and Carmen is responsible for maintenance. Bruce would still be the beach contact from Council. What would be the reason for the MBIA entering into a formal arrangement with the Borough? Mike Mangan used the Chamber of Commerce as an example. The Borough annually assigns a liaison who attends meetings but does not vote. From Mike’s perspective it is up to us to decide. Bruce would be appointed our liaison. Cindy will be joining the Citizens’ Advisory Committee in addition to Helen. To make the beach playground ADA compliant is on the 2024 schedule. Mike touched on beach badges and parking passes which increased from 1200 to 2000 over the past 2 years. We went from 2 the prior year to 6 days in 2023 that the lots were maxed out. The Borough will not increase the number of parking passes from the current level. The winter sale is unlimited and the remaining passes out of the 2000 will be sold in the spring. In the future we will be giving out numbers in person and subsequently the person can apply online with that information. There are 3 tide valves previously used on Brielle and Stockton that are not needed and they will be put along the Creek to reduce minor flooding. The Borough is buying Sullivan’s garage with the County. The contaminants are fortunately at a low level. They are working on a plan to redo the intersection including South Street, Main Street and Broad Street in the hope of making that intersection safer. They are also trying to make the beach playground ADA compliant.  
Bob – Helen will send out the annual summary of website hits.
Discussion on an official relationship with the Borough. It was agreed that we are in favor but may need to go into closed session at the end of a meeting. Julie made a motion to this effect and it was carried unanimously.
The Glimmer Glass Bridge – The County engineer in charge departed and it is now assigned to Dennis Walsh who is not good responding to messages. Dennis indicated the Commissioners have asked the Engineering Dept. for a status which will be provided in about a month. It is still in the historic section of the DOT.  

The meeting was adjourned.

The next Trustee’s Meeting will be on March 9 at 8:30 a.m. via Zoom.

MBIA Happy Hours at the Salty Whale the 2nd Wednesday of the month starting at 5 p.m.

MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Council - 10/01/12
Council Presentation October 1, 2012

- Studies show bridge falling apart and MUST be replaced; Childs independent? study; Cycle 14 draft report.
- Originally built as a wooden trestle bridge (without a draw) over 100 years ago before cars; 16 feet wide, 585 feet long.
- Draw span (20 feet wide) built over 100 years ago for spanning Pt. Pleasant Canal (before cars).
- Draw span installed in wooden trestle in 1938; originally hand operated.
- Completely rebuilt in 1950; entire bridge raised 5 feet; shortened to 279 feet; motorized; more counterweights added.
- Numerous repairs and replacements to date; only original parts are two sheaves (wheels at to
- Placed on State and Federal Historic Registers in 2008.
- Historic significance is technology (rolling counterweight design) and aesthetics being preserved by County compromise.
- Bridge is in such bad condition, none of the structure can be salvaged; all piles, supports, bridge deck will be thrown away.
- Estimated life of a new wooden bridge is 35-50 years; estimated life of the proposed bridge is 75 years.
- County traffic count July 9-15, 2007: 6,480 average daily vehicles; 5,905 average weekday vehicles; 7,726 average weekend vehicles.
- MBIA traffic count May 26, 2012 8:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.: 4,138 vehicles; 688 bicycles; 21 skateboards; 372 pedestrians; traffic stopped 4:24 hours;     open 5:36 hours; 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., traffic stopped 3:30 hours; open 2:30 hours.
- Road is almost becoming impassable in summer due to opening/closing taking so long; long lines of cars.
- Safety is most important issue for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Complete Streets.
- Current standards: two 12 foot width lanes; two 4 foot wide shoulders.
- Main access for residents living south of Brielle Road and for Brielle and Point Pleasant emergency response.
- The County has been working out a plan for the bridge since the early 1990 Asbury Park Press, 8-17-07.
- Project authorized 4-14-94 for $1,000,000.00; studies to date over $700,000.00.
- Wooden bridge would have CCA and AZCA (arsenic).
- Brielle Resolution 8-18-03 (#111-03) and Manasquan Resolution 9-8-03 (#03-70-A) call for complete replacement of bridge.
- Manasquan Resolution 5-19-08 (#69-08) to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridge ASAP; provide for pedestrians and bicycles; preserve character; 
- Issues of public safety should be treated as paramount to other considerations.
- No more delays; we must act NOW.

Please see the MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Counctil on below
Front row: Bob Young, Mary Lovely, Carol Kirkman (left to right): Second row: Al Sauer, Pat Merz, Janice Gaswind,  Mary Ryan, Linda Sims, Julie Cocozza, Bennie O'Grady, John O'Grady, Helen Young, John Casey   Not pictured:  Lisa Haas, Heather Schofield, Jane Swiggett

​Report on North Beach Ramp

Mary was previously given surveys by Tom Flarity of the properties on both sides of the North Beach Ramp. Upon review of them, they were not in agreement as to the location of the improvements along and on the 4 foot ramp. However, actual measurements between improvements on each side of the ramp indicated that the useable area was mostly 42 inches but in some places as narrow as 38 inches.

Consequently we were asked to set-up a meeting with Tom Flarity and to try to get the Borough to order its own survey to determine who was encroaching on the 4 foot width and by how much. Bob Young and I attended a meeting on September 7, 2018 with Tom Flarity, Councilman Jim Walsh, and Frank DeRomo from the Building Department.  

We were surprised to see that the Borough had done a survey of the ramp property in 2017. In addition to the 4 foot width of the Borough property for the ramp, in 1968 the Borough was granted an easement by the owner of the property on the north side of the ramp to build an 8 inch wide masonry wall on that owner’s property. Therefore, we had always assumed that the wall was properly located and that would meant that the owner on the south was the one that was encroaching into the easement. However, this survey showed that most of the wall was built within the 4 foot ramp area and not where it was supposed to have been built. Therefore, when the owner on the south fenced in his property, his fence was put mostly on his own property. The survey did show that the fence, at one point, encroaches at most .13 of a foot (which is about an inch and a half) into the ramp area. Consequently, there is no gripe as to the owner on the south. This was pointed out to the Borough in 2017 by the attorney for the owner on the north. The attorney also pointed out that it was the Borough’s obligation to maintain that wall but that the Borough had not done so since it has many cracks and deficiencies in it. The Borough advised that once they were aware of this and of what sort of cost the Borough would have to expend in order to remove and replace the wall in its proper location, they did not feel it was economically feasible for them to take any further action.

The Borough’s 2017 survey was too large for them to make a copy for us at the meeting. However, they did agree to send it out for copying and would send us a copy of it.

We did point out that the painted crosswalk at the corner of Stockton Lake Boulevard and First Avenue goes directly across the street at right angles to First Avenue and ends up misleading pedestrians that this is the place where the public ramp is located. In fact, the public ramp is several doors to the south. While MBIA has previously requested the Borough on several occasions to relocate the painted crosswalk, the Borough has never done anything about it. However, this time they agreed that they should either angle the crosswalk from the corner to the public ramp or move the crosswalk south so that it goes from the west side of First Avenue directly to the public ramp.

Alfred H. Sauer


MBIA Report - Potter's Beach Access (9/12/18)