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Minutes from the 7/13/19 Trustees Meeting 

MBIA Trustees Meeting Minutes
July 13, 2019

TRUSTEES PRESENT:  Julie Cocozza, Tom DeLorenzo, Sue Federico, Janice Gaswind, Joan Harriman, Cara Macksoud, Pat Merz, Bennie O’Grady, Rob Richardi, Mary Ryan, Al Sauer, Heather Schofield, Linda Sims, Bette Worth, Helen Young and Bob Young 
Mary Ryan opened the meeting at 8:30 am.
The minutes of the 5/11/19 meeting were approved via the internet.  

Old Business:
Thank you for a successful Annual Meeting. Mary received a number of compliments. The guest speakers enjoyed attending the meeting. Thank you Bette for getting the sound system from Alex. We may need another mic. Helen asked Al, who has the system, for the brand information so she can investigate a purchase. Helen also suggested that we always have extra batteries for the mics.  
Cost of tables for the First Aid Squad was $452.58. We agreed this purchase would be considered the donation we make for the use of the First Aid Squad building for our annual meeting.
Bicycle Decorating Contest and Parade. The rain stopped just in time and we had a enormous number of kids participate.
Lighting. At the last meeting Bennie brought up this issue asking if there is a status. Mary will follow-up. 
Ed Donovan won the Democratic Mayoral Primary.

Summer Party – Pat. We have our insurance for the party since we are serving alcohol. Everything is in place. Pat wants to set date after this meeting for one last committee meeting. Reservations have started to arrive. Theme is Manasquan Beach Is Awesome (MBIA). The committee is asking for photos of Manasquan summer memories sent to Mary prior to the meeting. Ron Jacobsen who is with the SBLSS preservation committee asked if we wanted to use the museum room since we need to have one of their trustees from the preservation committee present. He indicated there is an insurance issue related to this requirement. We do plan on it as we did last year.  
MHS Surf Team contest shirts – Julie. They will use the same art work as last year.  
Membership Update/last reminder letter – Mary. We currently have 274 active memberships vs. 278 at this time last year. We had 299 memberships in 2018. Total new members are 31. Mary said we have not gotten a tax list in the past 2 years. Bob to provide to Helen a copy of the latest mission statement, by-laws and constitution to Helen to distribute to the trustees.
Finance report/party reservations – Al. A summary of our account balance was distributed.  
Volunteer Day/extra shirts – Bob. We had a successful day. He thinks we should restructure it a bit if we do it again. He has a couple of XXL shirts available if anyone wants them.

New Business:
Sea Watch meeting. The information given was very high level and the audience made some good suggestions. More detail will follow.
Tourism request for Inlet Celebration antique car check-in crew. The usual team will volunteer. John, Rob, Diana, Bennie and Bette.
Tourism request for Big Sea Day. Janice took the names of the Trustees who will assist with the tattoos.
Manasquan mural plaque. Brent mounted the plaque after meeting with Helen.
MBIA 100th Anniversary. At the Sea Watch meeting a discussion was made that it might include a covered area similar to a gazebo. Should that happen, it was recommended that the MBIA might want to utilize that for the 100th anniversary celebration. Art suggested the MBIA build and we donate it. Rob thought it would cost $10,000. It was generally agreed that would be too expensive for the MBIA. Tom suggested we start with a committee to plan for the event (May 2021). Tom volunteered to chair with Mary, Bette, Helen, Bob, Linda, and Joan. Joan suggested we adopt new benches. Mary mentioned the Borough has changed the style of the bench and the cost is now $1000 per bench.  
Plastic bag ban/Environmental Commission Cara said there are numerous options for reusable bags in terms of designs and materials. She feels we would want our bags to be uniform. The pricing, size and quantity all influence the price. We need to decide what kind of bag we want to use. Consensus was reached on the black NYC Media bag sample that is foldable. Helen suggested we buy the minimum perhaps 1000 to see how they are accepted. Al suggested we distribute a certain number to each store in Manasquan with our logo and website imprinted and ask them to give bags to their customers and then we could see what happens. Julie and Al suggested we meet with John Newman from the Chamber of Commerce for their input. Cara to go back to get additional information on this bag. A committee was formed with Cara to head it including Sue, Linda, Pat, Al and Julie.
COA donation?/Offshore drilling in Wall Street Journal 4/25/19. We made a donation on 4/12/18. We unanimously agreed to make a donation of $100.  

Items from the Floors:
MBIA shirts for new trustees Heather, Cara, Bennie, Joan and Tom. Julie will take sizes and order the minimum number of shirts.
Date for Breakfast with the Candidates The first option is 10/26 with 10/19 the alternate. Sue to check on the Woman’s Club availability.
Meeting on media and MBIA database. Rosemary Bertinelli who used to handle media for the Diocese of Scranton has offered to assist with media. Megan Young offered to review how Art handles the membership database. Mary, Bob and Tom will attend this meeting. Kara offered to assist us moving us forward. Art is available on 8/17, 818, 8/25, 9/8 or 9/14. Bob to coordinate a date.
Tom mentioned the Corps of Engineers is looking at dunes in Belmar and Manasquan as per an article in in the past week. The State DEP had asked the Corps to investigate in 2015. We probably want to be involved. Tom will send the article to Helen to distribute to the Trustees.

The meeting was adjourned.

Our Annual Summer Party will take place on Saturday, August 24 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Squan Beach Life Saving Station. 

The next Trustee’s Meeting will be on Sep 14 at 8:30 a.m. at the Squan Life Saving Station.

MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Council - 10/01/12
Council Presentation October 1, 2012

- Studies show bridge falling apart and MUST be replaced; Childs independent? study; Cycle 14 draft report.
- Originally built as a wooden trestle bridge (without a draw) over 100 years ago before cars; 16 feet wide, 585 feet long.
- Draw span (20 feet wide) built over 100 years ago for spanning Pt. Pleasant Canal (before cars).
- Draw span installed in wooden trestle in 1938; originally hand operated.
- Completely rebuilt in 1950; entire bridge raised 5 feet; shortened to 279 feet; motorized; more counterweights added.
- Numerous repairs and replacements to date; only original parts are two sheaves (wheels at to
- Placed on State and Federal Historic Registers in 2008.
- Historic significance is technology (rolling counterweight design) and aesthetics being preserved by County compromise.
- Bridge is in such bad condition, none of the structure can be salvaged; all piles, supports, bridge deck will be thrown away.
- Estimated life of a new wooden bridge is 35-50 years; estimated life of the proposed bridge is 75 years.
- County traffic count July 9-15, 2007: 6,480 average daily vehicles; 5,905 average weekday vehicles; 7,726 average weekend vehicles.
- MBIA traffic count May 26, 2012 8:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.: 4,138 vehicles; 688 bicycles; 21 skateboards; 372 pedestrians; traffic stopped 4:24 hours;     open 5:36 hours; 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., traffic stopped 3:30 hours; open 2:30 hours.
- Road is almost becoming impassable in summer due to opening/closing taking so long; long lines of cars.
- Safety is most important issue for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Complete Streets.
- Current standards: two 12 foot width lanes; two 4 foot wide shoulders.
- Main access for residents living south of Brielle Road and for Brielle and Point Pleasant emergency response.
- The County has been working out a plan for the bridge since the early 1990 Asbury Park Press, 8-17-07.
- Project authorized 4-14-94 for $1,000,000.00; studies to date over $700,000.00.
- Wooden bridge would have CCA and AZCA (arsenic).
- Brielle Resolution 8-18-03 (#111-03) and Manasquan Resolution 9-8-03 (#03-70-A) call for complete replacement of bridge.
- Manasquan Resolution 5-19-08 (#69-08) to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridge ASAP; provide for pedestrians and bicycles; preserve character; 
- Issues of public safety should be treated as paramount to other considerations.
- No more delays; we must act NOW.

Please see the MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Counctil on below
First row (left to right):  Linda Sims, Cara Macksoud, Bennie O'Grady, Jancie Gaswind, Julie Cocozza.  Second row:  Bette Worthe,  Bob Young, Helen Young, Heather Schofield.  Third row:  Pat Merz, Tom DeLorenzo, Mary Ryan, Al Sauer, Sue Federico, Joan Harruam, Rob Richardi.   Not pictured  Diana Carroll and John O'Grady

​Report on North Beach Ramp

Mary was previously given surveys by Tom Flarity of the properties on both sides of the North Beach Ramp. Upon review of them, they were not in agreement as to the location of the improvements along and on the 4 foot ramp. However, actual measurements between improvements on each side of the ramp indicated that the useable area was mostly 42 inches but in some places as narrow as 38 inches.

Consequently we were asked to set-up a meeting with Tom Flarity and to try to get the Borough to order its own survey to determine who was encroaching on the 4 foot width and by how much. Bob Young and I attended a meeting on September 7, 2018 with Tom Flarity, Councilman Jim Walsh, and Frank DeRomo from the Building Department.  

We were surprised to see that the Borough had done a survey of the ramp property in 2017. In addition to the 4 foot width of the Borough property for the ramp, in 1968 the Borough was granted an easement by the owner of the property on the north side of the ramp to build an 8 inch wide masonry wall on that owner’s property. Therefore, we had always assumed that the wall was properly located and that would meant that the owner on the south was the one that was encroaching into the easement. However, this survey showed that most of the wall was built within the 4 foot ramp area and not where it was supposed to have been built. Therefore, when the owner on the south fenced in his property, his fence was put mostly on his own property. The survey did show that the fence, at one point, encroaches at most .13 of a foot (which is about an inch and a half) into the ramp area. Consequently, there is no gripe as to the owner on the south. This was pointed out to the Borough in 2017 by the attorney for the owner on the north. The attorney also pointed out that it was the Borough’s obligation to maintain that wall but that the Borough had not done so since it has many cracks and deficiencies in it. The Borough advised that once they were aware of this and of what sort of cost the Borough would have to expend in order to remove and replace the wall in its proper location, they did not feel it was economically feasible for them to take any further action.

The Borough’s 2017 survey was too large for them to make a copy for us at the meeting. However, they did agree to send it out for copying and would send us a copy of it.

We did point out that the painted crosswalk at the corner of Stockton Lake Boulevard and First Avenue goes directly across the street at right angles to First Avenue and ends up misleading pedestrians that this is the place where the public ramp is located. In fact, the public ramp is several doors to the south. While MBIA has previously requested the Borough on several occasions to relocate the painted crosswalk, the Borough has never done anything about it. However, this time they agreed that they should either angle the crosswalk from the corner to the public ramp or move the crosswalk south so that it goes from the west side of First Avenue directly to the public ramp.

Alfred H. Sauer


MBIA Report - Potter's Beach Access (9/12/18)