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Minutes from the 5/8/21 Trustees Meeting 

MBIA Trustees Meeting Minutes
May 8, 2021

TRUSTEES PRESENT: Jessica Burke, John Casey, Julie Cocozza, Tom DeLorenzo, Sue Federico, Janice Gaswind, Lisa Haas, Pat Merz, Bennie O’Grady, John O’Grady, Rob Richardi, Mary Ryan, Al Sauer, Heather Schofield, Helen Young and Bob Young. Guest: Art Ryan.

The minutes of the 3/13/21 meeting were approved via the internet

Old Business:
Gift Certificate for $100 to Brett Nielsen from Squan Tavern. Brett was very appreciative. 
Gift Certificate for Wally Wall. Joanne Zapachi suggested a gift at Leggett’s.  
Elks Beach picnic tables have arrived. Mary made arrangements with Kevin Thompson to coordinate the delivery of the tables. Ethan Kotar, co-manager of the beach crew, had his team assemble the tables. They look great. The tables have umbrella holes so Art Ryan suggested we obtain plaques recognizing the contribution from the MBIA that go around the holes. We would possibly need to have someone drill a hole in the middle. Art will investigate with the company in FL. Bob to discuss with Ethan about putting up the mural at the Inlet which should occur before Memorial Day. Mary will discuss with Ethan the placement of the sheds which are currently in the middle of the beach. Al suggested they be moved closer to the fence. New, rather elaborate beach badge booths are currently located in the Beach Garage lot prior to being set up at the beach. The exact placement is in question since they are larger than previous booths.

100th Anniversary Committee: Tom (Chair), Mary, Art, Helen, Bob, Linda, Julie, Bette, and Carol Kirkman. Initially our suggestions on where to locate the placards were rejected so we asked the Beach Committee to reconsider and meet with us to discuss new locations close to, but not along, the beach walk. This week, the Beach Committee notified us of their final approval to place exhibits at the mutually agreed-upon locations. Our committee researched and found over 100 pictures from various sources and eventually selected 6 pictures for each location and drafted descriptive text to accompany the pictures. Pannier Graphics (Pittsburgh), a nationally-recognized leader in panel construction, was selected to manufacture our exhibits. The cost of manufacture (Pannier) and design (Chris DeLorenzo) will be approximately $5,000 (which was agreed upon at a prior meeting). Art drafted a prototype layout which was then provided to Chris in order to create professional design options in accordance with Pannier’s standards. Our committee will decide the final layout next week which will subsequently be submitted to Pannier. It’s expected Pannier will manufacture and deliver the panels to be installed by DPW before the 4th of July. A compilation of the MBIA’s 100 year history was researched and documented by Carol Kirkman. We’re considering the most effective way to distribute it to members as well as non-members. The MBIA will march in this year’s 4th of July parade behind a banner noting our anniversary. Our annual dinner is tentatively planned for Sept. 18th at the SBLSS where we will recognize our anniversary. Tote bags that Cara Macksoud purchased to commemorate the MBIA’s 100th anniversary will be distributed to members after the June Annual Meeting and again on July 10th at the SBLSS. We will need volunteers to assist in the distribution. We will distribute the remainder of 1,000 bags to the public, likely at the Shop & Dine nights on Main Street. Art displayed the 3 draft murals and discussed their approximate locations.  
Animal House Committee: Tom DeLorenza (Chair), Mary, Helen, Bob, Al, and Heather. Art was brought in recently to assist in data coordination. In February, the Council disclosed its changes for the upcoming summer: Ordinances: Lowered the landlord bond requirement (from $500 to $5,000 to “up to $5,000”), lowered the bond holding period for substantiated complaints (both are favorable to landlords) and increased fines for violators from $450 to $600. In order to provide greater enforcement, more summer special officers will be hired (13 last year, 16 to 18 this year). Also, there will be immediate notification to landlords & realtors when there are tenant complaints (last summer, notifications were sent after the summer). In March, the MBIA met with Chief, Council and Code Enforcement and it was agreed we would coordinate efforts this summer as follows: MBIA will seek information weekly from members re: complaints & calls to police by property. A survey was created by Megan and Bob; Police would share weekly with the MBIA (1) their log of calls; (2) summonses issued; and (3) notifications to landlords / realtors of tenant complaints; MBIA & Chief/Council/Code would meet monthly to discuss the data & possible policy changes; a final meeting would be held in September to review the summer of 2021 and consider changes for next year. In April the MBIA sent a letter to the Chief/Council/Code seeking a pre-season meeting in mid-May – Jeff Lee notified Bob on Wednesday the Borough was ok with Mary sending a letter to members to alert them to our weekly request for information which will be sent the day after Memorial Day and every Monday thereafter. Heather elaborated on her discussion with the Chief at the March meeting and stated we are hoping to insure the MPD statistics agree with our calls. John stated we need to understand their logging procedure to determine why there has been a disconnect. He suggested we make the homeowners located near the problem homes aware of the situation and survey. Mary believes the Chief knows he and the Department need to be more engaged. We are hoping our record will enable us to zero in on any disconnect. Tom Flarity mentioned the Animal House owners at the March hearings said if they had received letters timely they would have resolved the issue. Tom F. felt this would alleviate any problems in 2021. Mary is concerned we could be perceived as a watch dog group. Tom D. said if we have a difference in recording between our survey and the police records, this would be a starting point. In addition, we are hoping they would share the number of any summons issued. Greater enforcement is the key to the process. On May 7, Tom D. talked with Tom F. about the landlord/realtor/homeowner meeting on May 11 and although the MBIA will be represented, we do not plan to take an active role unless direct questions are asked. After a discussion with Tom F, Tom D. is not sure if the MPD will share their data but felt the monthly meetings are more likely. In any event, the MBIA will provide the Borough officials with the results of our survey and any analysis we may develop. We will also communicate the results with our members.
Bob added both committees have put in an incredible amount of time. The Anniversary Committee has been meeting for almost 2 years and opted to completely change direction in January due to the pandemic. Between the bi-monthly Trustee meetings and the 2 committees we were gathering almost every Saturday and in most cases for the entire morning. On both committees, Tom DeLorenzo has been a great leader and he wants to thank him for his dedication.
Volunteer Day – We have almost 35 volunteers painting 90 street markers scattered across the Borough, 2 Recreation Department sheds at the Little League Field, 26 bollards and the Riddle Way Gazebo. The nine teams painting street markers will receive color coded maps depicting the markers to be painted. Rich Leonard dropped off a large box of tee shirts and Bob left Moran’s with a huge box of donated supplies. As in the past, we are a week out from the event day and Bob is waiting on the Borough to supply the paint and move a structure for us for next Saturday. Hopefully he will have sufficient time to get everything together and dropped off at all of our volunteers in advance. Bob made a motion that we purchase a $100 gift card for Brian Moran since his house is still far from completed. The motion was approved. Helen mentioned Bob has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort in advance of the event. Mary also shared her appreciation for his effort.
Al – Treasurer’s Report. We have $12,988.56 but this does not include the $5,000 outlay for the placards.  
Mary & Art – Membership. 111 members (81 by check and 28 by PayPal) thus far vs. 134 last year which was our lowest in 10 years. Membership in ‘17 – ‘18 - 312 vs. ‘20-‘21 - 179. 494 email messages (391 members) were sent and 64.7% of the messages were opened. We have 31 new members. We will resend the email and if they don’t renew send out paper letters within 2 weeks. Lisa suggested including in the message a few bullets on what we are doing. We also will send a letter to the Coast Star. Mary to approach Courtney Hogan in Tax Dept. to obtain the current list of homeowners east of the tracks. There have been a significant number of new owners over the past couple of years so it may be advantageous to reach out to these people. Mary will need a crew to help get the letters out. Helen offered to post MBIA information on the Facebook page “Overheard in Manasquan” to increase interest in membership She will indicate the application form can be obtained on the website or by emailing

New Business:
The Osprey is for sale
SBLSS reservation for bag distribution – Jun 19 and Jul 10. We have received approval to use the Life Saving Station on those dates. Ron Jacobson asked to be informed of any future dates we plan to use the SBLSS.  
March in the 4th of July Parade - More information will be forthcoming from the 100th Anniversary Committee as the date comes closer.
Decorated Bicycle Contest – Mary to check with Jamie to see if they want our support.
Plaque for ADA tables – Discussed above
Proposed Glimmer Glass Bridge opening schedule for this Summer: Monday – Thursday on the hour and half hour. Friday – Sunday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the hour. The boat owners are very upset because there are 3 ways to get to the beach and boat owners only have 1 way to go out. Al told the County’s Chief Engineer the bridge needs to be replaced.
Realtor, Landlord and Homeowners’ Zoom Meeting 5-11-2021 as discussed above.

Items from the Floor:
June Annual Meeting and Trustee Election – We agreed to invite Chris Tucker for a brief presentation to update our members on OEM efforts. Mary will send out invitations to Ed Donovan, Rich Read, Tom Flarity and Chief Bauer. If the Chief is unavailable, she will request he send a replacement. Bob mentioned we will stagger terms for Trustees based upon when our new Trustees joined. The meeting will be set to begin at 9:00 and end at 10:30 A.M. Questions will be accepted from the attendees.
Bleachers – Pat indicated they have been removed. Al stayed on top of Carmen who interacted with the Little League. The bleachers are being rehabilitated and will be reinstalled.  
The Beach Office – Al uncovered that the cost of the beach office rehabilitation will be $.8M. He asked Council about the change orders but the council would not release it prior to the vote. They indicated they knew what was included. Al asked for a copy and Amy Spera and the mayor agreed to send it. Two days later she questioned if Al needed an OPRA request. Tom Flarity told him he had to submit a request which Al has subsequently done.

The meeting was adjourned.

Our Annual Meeting is on June 19 at 9 a.m. via Zoom

 2021 Trustee Meetings – July 10, Sept 11, Sept 18 (possible party), Nov 13

MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Council - 10/01/12
Council Presentation October 1, 2012

- Studies show bridge falling apart and MUST be replaced; Childs independent? study; Cycle 14 draft report.
- Originally built as a wooden trestle bridge (without a draw) over 100 years ago before cars; 16 feet wide, 585 feet long.
- Draw span (20 feet wide) built over 100 years ago for spanning Pt. Pleasant Canal (before cars).
- Draw span installed in wooden trestle in 1938; originally hand operated.
- Completely rebuilt in 1950; entire bridge raised 5 feet; shortened to 279 feet; motorized; more counterweights added.
- Numerous repairs and replacements to date; only original parts are two sheaves (wheels at to
- Placed on State and Federal Historic Registers in 2008.
- Historic significance is technology (rolling counterweight design) and aesthetics being preserved by County compromise.
- Bridge is in such bad condition, none of the structure can be salvaged; all piles, supports, bridge deck will be thrown away.
- Estimated life of a new wooden bridge is 35-50 years; estimated life of the proposed bridge is 75 years.
- County traffic count July 9-15, 2007: 6,480 average daily vehicles; 5,905 average weekday vehicles; 7,726 average weekend vehicles.
- MBIA traffic count May 26, 2012 8:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.: 4,138 vehicles; 688 bicycles; 21 skateboards; 372 pedestrians; traffic stopped 4:24 hours;     open 5:36 hours; 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m., traffic stopped 3:30 hours; open 2:30 hours.
- Road is almost becoming impassable in summer due to opening/closing taking so long; long lines of cars.
- Safety is most important issue for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. Complete Streets.
- Current standards: two 12 foot width lanes; two 4 foot wide shoulders.
- Main access for residents living south of Brielle Road and for Brielle and Point Pleasant emergency response.
- The County has been working out a plan for the bridge since the early 1990 Asbury Park Press, 8-17-07.
- Project authorized 4-14-94 for $1,000,000.00; studies to date over $700,000.00.
- Wooden bridge would have CCA and AZCA (arsenic).
- Brielle Resolution 8-18-03 (#111-03) and Manasquan Resolution 9-8-03 (#03-70-A) call for complete replacement of bridge.
- Manasquan Resolution 5-19-08 (#69-08) to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridge ASAP; provide for pedestrians and bicycles; preserve character; 
- Issues of public safety should be treated as paramount to other considerations.
- No more delays; we must act NOW.

Please see the MBIA Bridge Committee Presentation to Manasquan Borough Counctil on below
First row: John Casey: Second row (left to right): Bennie O'Grady, Pat Merz, Heather Schofield; Third row:  Sue Federico, Janice Gaswind, Mary Ryan; Fourth row: Jessica Burke, Julie Cocozza, Al Sauer; Fifth row: Tom DeLorenzo, Rob Richardi, Helen Young; Sixth row: Bob Young, Bette Worth, Linda Sims.  Not pictured John O'Grady, Lisa Haas.

​Report on North Beach Ramp

Mary was previously given surveys by Tom Flarity of the properties on both sides of the North Beach Ramp. Upon review of them, they were not in agreement as to the location of the improvements along and on the 4 foot ramp. However, actual measurements between improvements on each side of the ramp indicated that the useable area was mostly 42 inches but in some places as narrow as 38 inches.

Consequently we were asked to set-up a meeting with Tom Flarity and to try to get the Borough to order its own survey to determine who was encroaching on the 4 foot width and by how much. Bob Young and I attended a meeting on September 7, 2018 with Tom Flarity, Councilman Jim Walsh, and Frank DeRomo from the Building Department.  

We were surprised to see that the Borough had done a survey of the ramp property in 2017. In addition to the 4 foot width of the Borough property for the ramp, in 1968 the Borough was granted an easement by the owner of the property on the north side of the ramp to build an 8 inch wide masonry wall on that owner’s property. Therefore, we had always assumed that the wall was properly located and that would meant that the owner on the south was the one that was encroaching into the easement. However, this survey showed that most of the wall was built within the 4 foot ramp area and not where it was supposed to have been built. Therefore, when the owner on the south fenced in his property, his fence was put mostly on his own property. The survey did show that the fence, at one point, encroaches at most .13 of a foot (which is about an inch and a half) into the ramp area. Consequently, there is no gripe as to the owner on the south. This was pointed out to the Borough in 2017 by the attorney for the owner on the north. The attorney also pointed out that it was the Borough’s obligation to maintain that wall but that the Borough had not done so since it has many cracks and deficiencies in it. The Borough advised that once they were aware of this and of what sort of cost the Borough would have to expend in order to remove and replace the wall in its proper location, they did not feel it was economically feasible for them to take any further action.

The Borough’s 2017 survey was too large for them to make a copy for us at the meeting. However, they did agree to send it out for copying and would send us a copy of it.

We did point out that the painted crosswalk at the corner of Stockton Lake Boulevard and First Avenue goes directly across the street at right angles to First Avenue and ends up misleading pedestrians that this is the place where the public ramp is located. In fact, the public ramp is several doors to the south. While MBIA has previously requested the Borough on several occasions to relocate the painted crosswalk, the Borough has never done anything about it. However, this time they agreed that they should either angle the crosswalk from the corner to the public ramp or move the crosswalk south so that it goes from the west side of First Avenue directly to the public ramp.

Alfred H. Sauer


MBIA Report - Potter's Beach Access (9/12/18)